Introducing the Joshis MAP system

Classifying mineral, animal and plant remedies on the periodic table, for easy prescribing

Get inspired! Catapult your practice to the next level with a powerful tool that you can apply to all your cases seamlessly

Homeopathic methodology has been blessed by the brilliant minds of masters over time who have recognized remedy patterns within scientific classification and natural behaviour. For the practitioner, this has meant studying and perfecting their knowledge of several different systems, which are then assimilated into practice.

What if there was one System that could unify much of this knowledge into a single MAP that provides an understanding of plants, minerals, animals, imponderables and nosodes? Drs. Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi (commonly known as the Joshis) have developed a System that brings all our remedies under a single MAP with easy case taking methodology to clarify a patient’s state for successful prescribing. This System helps a practitioner identify a remedy and its counterpart in a different kingdom that will ultimately facilitate clearer remedy selection for the best patient outcome.

This course is Approved by ACHENA for 10 hours of continuing education credits. This course also qualifies for continuing education credits with the CHO.

Homeopathic patterns: an introduction to the Joshi MAP system, 7th and 8th November 2020

Learn the Joshi's MAP Classification System

Joshis’ MAP and system Classifying Mineral, Animal & Plant remedies on the periodic table for easy prescribing.


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What you will learn

The MAP System

A clear roadmap and detailed insight into Joshis’ MAP and System

Levels of Development

An understanding of the seven levels of human development, how to identify them in patients and how to use the MAP System to facilitate remedy selection (and have alternate options for each of your patients)

Classical Homeopathy

Using classical homeopathy to implement the Joshis’ MAP System


Case-taking technique (complete logical understanding with case examples) that creates a positive patient outcome

Animal Remedies

A deep dive into animal remedies from various sub-kingdoms and levels: vertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates that will provide insight into subgroups

Enriched Homeopathic Toolkit

A System that smoothly integrates into your homeopathic toolkit

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi is an expert at simplifying complex issues. Her seminars are popular all over the world, her teaching is dynamic and memorable and brings the material to life.

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi has been practicing Homeopathy for the past 22 years, and has a post-graduate in the field of Homeopathy.

She has a private practice and clinic with her husband, Dr. Shachindra Joshi, in Vile Parle, Mumbai. They have an extensive clinical practice, with clinics in Manhattan and London.

They are globally known for their research, new insights and their excellent teaching skills.

They have been teaching homeopaths all around the world. Their popularity has earned them the title of ‘the dynamic duo of homeopathy’.

Dr. Joshi’s System of prescription has been followed globally for over a decade now.

She has described and explained her work based on clinical experience in 8 self-authored books that have been translated to several languages including Russian, German, Japanese and Italian. Her latest work on linking all the kingdoms on the grid of the periodic table and classifying case-taking into levels, popularly known as ‘MAP’ (M – Mineral, A – Animal, P – Plant), plots personalities on the grid of the periodic table. Her latest work on bird remedies is to be published soon.

What you will learn

The evolution of the Joshi MAP System is one that spans many years of clinical practice. Drs. Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi have scientifically documented their clinical cases and have drawn comparisons between the different kingdoms to give homeopaths an understanding of how to better choose remedies for their patients. The results that are produced using this method are extraordinary and the best part is…they’re reproducible!

The Joshi’s are dynamic teachers and describe their work in an intricate, well planned and easy to follow way. Materia medica comes to life in their seminars, which makes them educational and memorable. There is a systematic way of case taking that all patients can feel comfortable with, one that affords the Homeopath the luxury of understanding their patient’s state; this method along with the MAP to describe the interconnectedness of the kingdoms will be presented in this seminar.

Learn the seven levels of human development and how each correlates to the periodic table! Cases will be presented in a step by step manner to explain the different levels, followed by analyses to narrow down a remedy selection by kingdom, sensation and polarity. Lastly, a differential diagnosis of closely related remedies is will be conducted with follow ups and discussion on how to make the second prescription (when required). This seminar is priced competitively for the sole purpose of educating as many homeopaths as possible on this exciting MAP System.

This simple to implement Joshi MAP System helps practitioners identify a remedy with ease as well as its counterpart in a different kingdom. This will ultimately facilitate clearer remedy selection for the best patient outcomes. Gain confidence in prescribing!

Video Course Curriculum

Day 1

  1. A clear roadmap and detailed insight into the Joshi MAP System
  2. Connecting the Joshis’ MAP System to classical homeopathy and finding its roots through clinical and scientific evaluation
  3. Basic concepts and simple case taking methodology to create a positive patient experience
  4. The above will be taught with case examples
  5. Cases from the Mammal & Bird sub kingdoms with emphasis on Level 3 & 5 (levels of human development)

Day 2

  1. The value of the levels of human development explained with case examples from various levels with emphasis on level 2 & 4. These levels are often seen in clinical practice and the results using these remedies are profound in when used correctly
  2. Invertebrate remedies form an important part of homeopathic clinical practice. They are seen on Levels 2 & 4 along with other vertebrates. Understanding the similarities between vertebrate and invertebrate remedies and the where they differ will be examined
  3. The invertebrate remedies and their understanding and significance on the MAP System with a case example will be presented

This course is Approved by ACHENA for 10 hours of continuing education credits. This course also qualifies for continuing education credits with the CHO. ACHENA Accredited Course